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supplements1As the trend changes and many of the people start taking supplements for living healthy, colloidal silver is one of the name that is also involve in this regard but a research shows that drug inspectors and laboratories set it as unfit for the direct use by the mouth.

Number of supplements is available in the market that is having positive result on health building. If you are weak and unhealthy then add the supplement in your life by the prescription of doctor because these can also have negative effect on your body. Sovereign silver is basically banned by the drug industry inspectors because it is dangerous for direct use. It is a mineral that is not the need of body and it is not suitable to take but still it is used in medicines of homeopathy.

Colloidal silver use as a dietary supplement;

As it is not used in the medicines that are legally produces but people add it in the medicines that are locally produced because it has fast effect on the dietary. The inflectional diseases that take birth due to the use of any item that is having bacteria and people face diseases like stomach disorders, malaria, flu, dehydration, ulcer, cholera and many more like these. Sovereign silver is having the tendency to kill the bacterial effect so people use it when there is a need of emergency and rapid treatment.

Colloidal silver handle the lung diseases;

Due to the access use of smoke and drugs people mainly faces the lungs problem and the lungs become very weak so that they search the medicine that effects rapidly. Colloidal silver has tendency to kill the germs from the lungs so many of the private companies add this mineral in the treatment. Silver water is used in the preparation of medicines in order to kill the germs and infection while in the preparation.

Many of the people still use it as a supplement like if they are facing the cancer they think that nothing is dangerous for them but just they want to get rid of cancer so they add this in their treatment. Diabetes patient also add it in their medicines or private doctors prepare the medicine for diabetes patient by using it.

Although it is best for the body germs but while killing the germs from the body it will also kill the protein from body too. Researchers spend huge time on this mineral but they find it useless for the human body. It is not useful for body as it is made up of small particles of silver that are not valuable for human need.

The private companies claim that it is good medication for the bacterial diseases but it has no legal value as drug researcher make it inappropriate for the education. It is not necessary that colloidal silver effect your body at the time of use but its substances gather in the body and show its bad and negative result in the body a long time after.

Real Concerns About Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver uses has been utilized by many people and sold through many natural health food stores and chains for many years.  This product has been produced by quality manufacturers and has claimed to work as a natural antibiotic to help kill any bacteria, fungal or viruses.  The product comes in the form of a liquid and is much of the time consumed with an eye dropper full under the tongue 3-4 times a day to kill these germs.  They say that these germs are suffocated out by the colloidal silver and they die and go away through our body’s waste system.

Other Uses

Other colloidal silver benefits, includes that the product can be used topically.  This means that it can be put on insect bites, sores, scrapes, and bruises to help them to heal and fade away.  Even though there have been claims that this product is very beneficial and does not damage the good bacteria’s in our bodies that help to fight off infections and such in a natural way, there are advocates that say none of this has been proven.  They say that this product has no supportive scientific evidence that it works or does what it says it can do.

What Are The Concerns?

       There is no proven evidence that Colloidal silvers benefits outweigh its risks

       Some say that silver in our bodies can cause a disease called argyria

       The FDA is issuing a rule establishing that all OTC drugs containing colloidal silver

        As an ingredient, are not to be recognized as safe

Why Are There Concerns?

The main reasons that there are concerns about this product and many more like it is that there is no scientifically proven documentation to show the results if this products benefits outweighs its risks.  There are advocates against this product that have concerns because our bodies are not designed to digest and rid ourselves of metals.  Some of them claim that the small pieces of silver in the product will adhere to our cells including our skin.  This disease is called argyria and there is no cure for the human body to remove medals other than iron from our systems.

Iron has to be moved medically by removing blood from our bodies and as we make the new blood to replace what was removed the iron would not be in the new blood so our iron counts will lower.  They state that there is no such a procedure from silver products and the silver products will show through our skin as we are in the sun, causing our skin to turn to an ashy color.  So in 1999 the FDA or Food and Drug Administration ruled that any product that contained silver for medical purposes could not be label as safe or effective.  With all of this controversy that surrounds these products both on the good and the bad affects from its use, no one has a definite answer.  So if you as a consumer decide that you are going to continue using silver water you are basically doing it at your own risk.

Colloidal Silver Uses and Ionic Silver Facts, Benefits and Risks

Colloidal silver has been used for many years for many different reasons.  However, one of the biggest reasons why silver is used is due to medical conditions.  It can be actually something that is very important and one that gets many people talking.  Though, for so many people, they don’t really understand or know much about silver and using ionic silver could help them also.

Uses for Medical Healing

There are many who look at sovereign silver uses and one reason why is to help them during the healing process.  There are many who use silver for helping to heal the skin after second degree burns.  This can be a very slow and very painful healing process which can be very uncomfortable for the person going through this; however, some silver products can really help.

Some health benefits from using silver products are to help prevent infection from forming in the damaged area.  Another reason is because at times, silver can help to ensure quicker healing and even to be prevent a lot of scars from forming.  Of course, everyone is different and some people may take to this without any trouble while others don’t.

The History of Silver Colloidal

Silver have in fact been used in medicines for years in fact.  It isn’t just a recent medical item; this has been used for years in fact even before the 18th century.  It is said that during the Roman and Greek times, silver was used and that throughout Europe in the early years, this was also used.  This is in fact considered to be a natural remedy and one that thousands of people used throughout the years.

Colloidal silver benefits come in force because many people do believe that they it can help to really boost the skin healing process and not just with burns.  People love this because it’s a natural remedy.  Though over the years, many health professionals have said silver isn’t a medicine to be used.  Everyone does have their own opinion on this matter however.

Colloidal Silver – What Is This?

Silver in this form comes from very small, micro particles which can be found in distilled water.  The mixture can be strong and weak and it usually can be applied to living beings including humans and animals and even plants.  However, if you are thinking about using this, you should only follow the advice of a current practicing doctor when administering this.

Of course, silver water has become very popular and has been used throughout the years.  When you do take this form of silver, the shade of the silver must be clear!  It cannot and should not be dark or cloudy and if it is, then it is something to be concerned with.  You should not take silver if it is dark in your water.

Ionic Silver and Colloidal Silver Benefits

Ionic silver can be used like colloidal silver; however, what are the benefits of silver?  Well, to be honest, this is considered to be a disinfectant which is supposed to help prevent bacteria from forming.  However, silver has been used in a variety of manners even to help keep drinking water drinkable in space so it does come with lots of health benefits.

The colloidal silver uses vary and you could look to using silver yourself – it could be good to help you but be careful when using it.

Colloidal Silver Uses

Colloidal Silver Uses

Previous to 1938 colloidal silver had been administered the same way in which modern day drugs are generally administered, intra-muscular, intravenous injections, throat gargle, douche, topical, oral use and as eye drops.

Some of the typical colloidal silver uses have been and still are for:

  • Colds
  • Sore Throat’s
  • Flu
  • Pneumonia
  • Bronchitis
  • Sinus Infection
  • Pink Eye
  • Yeast Infection’s
  • Acne
  • Boils
  • Cuts
  • Burn’s
  • Nail Fungi
  • Elimination of Warts and Skin Tags
  • Chronic Eczema
  • Ringworm
  • Herpes
  • Natural Disinfectant

It has been known for centuries that silver possesses powerful bacteria eliminating properties.You more than likely have heard the phrase “Born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth.” which came at a time during the plague. The wealthy families had an abundance of silverware because of silver’s well known properties to ward off infectious diseases. They also utilized silver containers to store consumable liquids.

Silver rods were applied to severe wounds in order to defend against an infection.Clinical facilities apply it on severe burn wounds.

Colloidal Silver Uses
A diluted solution of silver nitrate was used in the eyes of newborn infants to protect against an infection up until the popular use of anti-biotics.Silver is also widely used to purify drinking water throughout the world.Colloidal Silver Uses are even popular among some manufactures.

Polartec®, along with Adidas®, currently have registered a silver covered nylon textile materials known as X-Static (Noble Biomaterials Inc.) to be able to incorporate antimicrobial silver throughout particular sportswear in addition to out-of-door attire because of their capability to eliminate scents (that unforgettable locker room smell) and enhance thermal qualities. Brooks Sports® offers a number of socks, hats in addition to tee shirts which make use of silver as a way to differentiate most of them from others.

ARC Outdoors™ employs silver implanted textile originating from NanHorizons™ to create antimicrobial socks designed for the U.S. military. SmartSilver® is the manufacturer of odor-eliminating under garments, stocking hats as well as gloves which in turn wipes out microorganisms once they make make contact while utilizing nano silver. ARC Outdoors™ markets to WalMart®, Bass Pro Shops®, Cabela’s® and also wishes to be in a position to expand to health care facility products such as linens as well as medical scrub uniforms.

Sharper Image® has released a plastic-type material food safe-keeping container which is implanted with nano silver particles that they declare help keep food fresher, longer.Silver is a naturally occurring rare metal found in the earth’s crust. It is the sixty-seventh most abundant natural element.

Veterinarian’s as well as pet owner’s administer silver to their animals.Colloidal Silver Uses have increased because of its natural ability to ward off germs and is definitely an amazing antimicrobial product that you could benefit from.Here you can find more detail

Magnesium supplements works well

Magnesium Supplements works well

Magnesium is one of the most in-demand mineral

Magnesium is one of the most in-demand mineral for the human body and which is responsible in a variety of distinctive tasks here to back us up in keeping our body healthy, balanced and vibrant. Magnesium is definitely essential for our system and the deficiency of which may bring about or trigger lots of health-related complications. It is not by any means uncommon to experience problems like chronic fatigue, coronary disease, diabetes mellitus, asthma attack, and high blood pressure on account of magnesium deficiency. Depending on an individual’s particular circumstance he or she can suffer everything from typical loss of vigor to premenstrual signs and symptoms and twitching muscles, to fibromyalgia syndrome and so forth. Struggling with stressed out legs, back problems, bowel irregularity, chronic distress, becoming easily irritated, weakening of bones, as well as sleep problems are often common signs of magnesium deficiency.

Magnesium deficiency in the human body can lead to various coronary heart diseases. Magnesium supplements works well for dealing with hypertension, high cholesterol level, coronary heart disease, irregular heart arrhythmia and cardiac arrest because sufficient amount of magnesium helps the muscles in the heart relax. Women also need to take magnesium supplements to keep up and boost their health. It contributes greatly in fighting the signs of premenstrual syndrome or PMS especially during menopausal period. Should a woman be expecting a baby, then she can certainly forestall difficulties while pregnant and during delivery like premature labor, pre-eclampsia, eclampsia and placenta previa by partaking magnesium supplements. Also, they are essential in building up healthy bones and avoiding weakening of bones through providing a mechanism of enhancing the bone mass.

Mainly because our own systems are unable to create the mineral inside the body, it may be crucial that people have some or will eat foods having this nutrient. Foods are one of the simplest ways to have this nutrient; nonetheless, this easiest way usually doesn’t provide you with the required quantity of this mineral to the entire body due to the undeniable fact that foods only have small quantity of it that will satisfy what’s needed in our body systems. Nevertheless, the truly amazing point is the fact that there are several magnesium supplements which are readily available on the market that a person could use to cover the magnesium deficiency. Magnesium supplements which are held for sale come in different varieties which include powdered ingredients, liquefied, and those which are in tablet and capsulated forms.

Magnesium supplements works well

Most well-known magnesium supplement is magnesium citrate

Probably the most well-known magnesium supplement is magnesium citrate. This kind of health supplement is widely recognized mainly because it can be quickly digested by our body system and thus provides quick relief. Magnesium citrate is the best magnesium supplements which aid in bowel problems as well as other related problems.

Yet another well-known magnesium supplement is magnesium oil. This allows fast absorption into the skin pores because it is made out of magnesium chloride and water solution which is so concentrated in that it resembles the appearance of oil when applied to the skin. The main advantage of using magnesium oil has to be that it does not normally create a similar laxative effect as with orally partaken magnesium supplements. For this reason, the oil may be used as one could think as appropriate enough without worrying possible problems on too much intake.

Another magnesium supplement which may be applied trough skin pores is magnesium gel. It promises a higher level of assimilation that id thus offers an immediate rest from common muscle discomfort and pain. Magnesium gel is especially great for people who are experiencing rheumatoid arthritis. Addressing health conditions via skin absorption is definitely a conventional practice and is something which has proven effective.

Muscle Gaining Supplements

Do muscle gaining supplements

Just about everyone in the world has, at some point in their life, seen a professional body builder or other professional athlete that resembled the immensely built stone depictions of heroes from the Bronze Age: well built, sturdy and generally personifying masculinity. More often than not these same muscle-bound behemoths can be found endorsing various muscle gaining supplements but that does not necessarily mean that they use these muscle gaining supplements. This leaves consumers asking the question: do muscle gaining supplements such as protein drinks really work?

In order to approach the question logically one needs to first set some standards. The biggest question would be: what would one expect to gain from using muscle gaining supplements? While the obvious answer is muscle mass, that would be akin to paying a full tank of gas and being asked by the attendant how much fuel to put in the car and simply responding that the car needs to be driven off the lot. How much further off the lot or how much muscle mass is can one expect to gain by using muscle gaining supplements is the primary question. Unfortunately, there are answers but they are also questions.

Body Building Activities and Diet

In order to generate an answer one needs to look at both body building activities and diet. If one is hoping that taking muscle gaining supplements will help them avoid the gym and sweat altogether, then they are in for a seriously rude awakening; there is no supplement for blood sweat and tears. One needs to pump iron and perform other physical activities to promote muscle growth. Likewise, if one has a poor diet then a muscle gaining supplement may not be enough to overcome serious deficiencies. Building muscles takes a serious investment in time and chemicals that only come from proper diets which can be further augmented by muscle gaining supplements.

While it might sound like a gloomy situation with limited prospects, there are situations in which muscle gaining supplements can prove effective. These situations will, at a minimum, require a proper diet augmented by a well planned and executed exercise program. Remember that the operative word in the term muscle gaining supplement is the last word and not the first. Muscle gaining supplements are only meant to augment an existing system that is effectively working and help one achieve the next level of physical performance.

Not all muscle gaining supplements are created equally. Understanding nutritional needs and learning how to read labels is an important part to realizing a full return on muscle gaining supplements of any variety. It is also worth noting that there are certain individuals that will never be able to develop enormous bodies without prescription or illicit substances due to age or genetics. In these situations muscle gaining supplements may help little or not at all.

Development in Nano Silver Technology

If you are familiar with how diseases were treated back when the pharmaceutical industry was still in its infancy, you would be surprised to know that they were commonly treated with colloidal silver. This is because silver is actually toxic to the germs that inhabit your body, while at the same time non-toxic to the human body. A few decades later after all the sophisticated studies have been done, the colloidal silver has been grandfathered as a kind of treatment for nearly six hundred fifty different kinds of conditions and ailments. However, an issue which has been the subject of a lot of medical debates is that too much of it can make a person suffer from heavy metal poisoning, or more specifically known as argyria. If this happens, the person’s skin would turn blue with a hint of gray and will make him or her sick of other complications beyond what was originally suffered from. What is best to take note of in this experience, though, is that modern day technologies have been able to develop nano silver which has the strengths of its original predecessor, but has very little to no side effects to the user.

The shining difference

First a brief background, there are actually three types of silver and there are different stages by which they are developed. The first is the colloidal silver, which is electronically processed to achieve a fine state. Ionic silver on the other hand, is a type of silver that is broken down to a sub-atomic particle. Both exist in solution and have a body membrane that can be penetrated only by a 6-7%.

The third type is called the molecula silver which is pushed electronically to a state where the only response it can give is one that is self-perpetuating to ensure that the body’s membranes are penetrated completely. Pharmaceutical companies have known that the secret to eliminating the problem is through refining the process by which silver is medically produced. It has long been recognized that the way to make silver effective is to make a solution wherein the molecules are really tiny so that they can pass through a person’s cells and will not be stuck in the liver or other organs, and cause metal build up. The secret to the success of the nano silver then is the fact that the process to do it is to make its particles significantly smaller than the old prototype.

In the past, companies have been successful to make the particle size of silver around more or less .01 microns, which in turn, creates a solution that ranges from five to ten parts per million (PPM). In other words, nano silver undergoes a process so strong that it is reduced to a mere one billionth of a meter which means that it is 1/100,000 in size compared to that of a human hair find more about this. This truly amazing feature makes the nano silver smaller than any living cell and can only be viewed using a very powerful telescope.

So, when compared to colloidal silver, nano silver is much more smaller in terms of density and visibility when using sophisticated scientific gadgets. However, even if can be considered as a strong force that can kill pathogens in a controlled scientific environment, it is arguably very effective in treating stronger diseases.

The glistening issues

We can say that the medical industry has greatly benefited given the recent development in nano silver technology. By being able to create a health supplement so strong that it can kill the microbes inside your body, different pharmaceutical companies have tried experimenting with more complex diseases. As a matter of fact, this treatment has been experimented with diseases which the industry finds hard to cure, like HIV. This is because some research institutions claim that particles found in nano silver were able to kill the bacteria or virus that causes HIV-1 infection, more commonly known as the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS. This means that once the technology is perfected in the near future, then any kind of disease can be solved by making nanotechnology “the silver bullet” that could kill even the most complex disease causing bacteria ever known to man.

There is no medical consensus to this yet, but when you go back to history, colloidal silver was the more popular choice of treatment before the antibiotic penicillin was accidentally discovered. If this recent development is to be believed, then a lot of medical benefits can be derived from the development and manufacture of nano silver.Obviously, further research should be done in order to perfect the technology. At this point, it is already used as alternative medication and a topical antibiotic to heal viruses like the Tamiflu resistant virus, which is known to cause the avian flu.


Today, the use of silver with anti-microbial and nano particle coatings has created a dramatic impact in terms of dealing with the future of the medical device market, especially in encouraging people to research, invest, and share the findings in nano breakthrough conferences. Aside from making the product a health supplement, using the same process to create medical devices which can invade and penetrate the body can prove to create a breakthrough in terms of destroying the fortresses or biofilms which creates a conducive environment for microbes to grow.
After perfecting the process of creating nano silver, operations and treatments won’t have to be as costly as they are in the present time because of the proliferation of more effective but relatively cheap materials in treating diseases. At the end of the day, these overwhelming benefits can make the lives of all the people in the world easier. With nano silver, the future of the medical industry is bound to be bright and promising.

The Best Benefits of Colloidal Silver

The Best Benefits of Colloidal Silver

What is Colloidal Silver?

Silver is not a new phenomenon; a simple Google search will result in thousands of links with evidence that it is a mineral which has been used in various forms, for numerous different uses, for many years. Silver water is used in everything from eating utensils to water filtration to a natural aquatic pesticide. Another form of silver being used is that of silver suspended in a liquid, known as colloidal silver. Colloidal silver is valued as a natural alternative to modern medicine to treat human ailments of every kind.

Lay Your Safety Concerns to Rest

Let’s get the elephant out of the room; that same simple Google search I referred to at the beginning of this article will also bring up blogs and opinions showing there seems to be some discontent as to whether silver is safe to human beings. It takes a more thorough and complex search to find more in-depth information, but it’s out there. In fact, there are both clear, factual indications from both independent research as well as governmental documents available to the public, that validate certain amounts of silver – in all forms – is safe for human consumption and topical use.Find out more detail about this.

These facts counter the opposition who attempt to frighten society with misleading information that the possibility of argyria – a condition where unusually excessive amounts of the mineral under the epidermis causes the skin to take on a blue or gray-blue tone – is toxic and therefore is unsafe for human use. However, if you read the literature closely, what most of the negative information available is relying upon is that silver has not been proven to be of use in the body. Not that it is unsafe for the body.

The Best Benefits of Colloidal Silver

Benefits of colloidal silver

One vendor simplifies the benefits of colloidal silver down to: “…silver kills one-celled organisms (germs), period.” Its current medical use ranges from being used as a proven western medical treatment as a topical antiseptic, to a homeopathic oral treatment for complaints of illnesses such as asthma and Lyme disease. It is also being used by some people to treat pets who suffer from an illness such as parvovirus! According to a WebMD article, colloidal silver is believed to, among a host of other diseases and conditions:

“…treat infections due to yeast; bacteria (tuberculosis, Lyme disease, bubonic plague, pneumonia, leprosy, gonorrhea, syphilis, scarlet fever, stomach ulcers, cholera); parasites (ringworm, malaria); and viruses (HIV/AIDS, pneumonia, herpes, shingles, warts). read more

Colloidal silver is also used for lung conditions including emphysema and bronchitis; skin conditions including rosacea, cradle cap (atopic dermatitis), eczema, impetigo, and psoriasis; and inflammation (sometimes due to infection) of the bladder (cystitis), prostate (prostatitis), colon (colitis), nose (rhinitis), stomach (gastritis), tonsils (tonsillitis), appendix (appendicitis), and sinuses (sinusitis).”

A colloidal silver forum is full of people who believe it has helped them with headaches, ear infections, MS, conjunctivitis (commonly known as pink eye), Lupus, athlete’s foot, bad breath, swelling, chicken pox, warts, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia as well as detox – to name just a few.

In Summary

So when you look around for benefits of colloidal silver, you can find more the testimonials are numerous and varied. There are testimonials that say it assisted with Hepatitis C, sinus infections, shingles, persistent ongoing cellulitis, gastrointestinal distress, dandruff, and even a cyst. It seems whatever ails you, colloidal silver just may be the simple answer you’ve been looking for.

The Hidden Dangers of Colloidal Silver

The Hidden Dangers of Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver has enjoyed an upsurge in popularity in the last twenty years with all sorts of claims being made regarding its health benefits. It is suggested that colloidal silver is superior to synthetic drugs because bacteria are unable to build up immunity to it unlike man made medications which have inadvertently increased the strength of certain bacterial strains. Yet amidst all the hyperbole about this product, extensive research seems to suggest that it is not the all-healing elixir it is commonly portrayed as.

Silver Exposure

We are all exposed to trace amounts of silver in the course of our everyday lives. Food, drinking water and air often contain miniscule amounts of silver which is not an essential mineral. It was used by ancient civilizations as a disinfectant and this process was carried on through to the 20th century. The advent of modern antibiotics spelled the end for colloidal silver as a chief means of fighting bacteria but various companies have been trying to suggest that it is superior to antibiotics since the 1990s in extensive marketing drives.The Hidden Dangers of Colloidal Silver

False Claims

Claims that colloidal silver can kill one hundred times more bacteria than synthetic drugs have been dismissed out of hand by the world’s health authorities. Most countries do not consider colloidal silver as being a safe way to treat illnesses. In fact, the American Food and Drug Administration has taken legal action against companies that advertise colloidal silver as a better way of defeating bacteria than antibiotics. Cynics and proponents of colloidal silver suggest that this is simply a way of governments to make extra money from antibiotics that do not work. Yet detailed scientific research has shown that colloidal silver is not the wonder cure it is claimed to be.


In fact, there are numerous side effects attributed to excessive use of colloidal silver, the most serious of which is Argyria. Claims that it is impossible to overdose on silver appear to be false. As silver does not have a metabolic function, the minimal amounts that get into our body are removed through excretion. However, excessive intake can cause Argyria which occurs when silver gets caught and stored in the body’s internal organs. This causes the skin to turn grey. Argyria was common in the era prior to antibiotics when doctors routinely recommended nose drops which contained silver to patients. Discovery of Argyria soon caused physicians to cease prescribing this form of medication.

It is extremely difficult to treat this condition, though laser therapy is available to those seeking restoration of their skin to its normal colour. However, there have been numerous cases where Argyria has become a permanent condition. Argyria is caused when colloidal silver becomes mixed with proteins more information here. It is not known how much colloidal silver needs to be consumed in order for Argyria to occur but it has been concluded that the alleged benefits of the product are far outweighed by its side effects.